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九龍寨城 / 虎豹別墅



日本企業であるHOSU CO. の協力により、香港の失われた歴史的場所「Haw Par Mansion」 と、City of Darknessこと「九龍城砦」の刺繍を施したリバーシブルジャケットを作りました。

HOSU CO.と GrowthRing & Supply が質にこだわり抜いた本ジャケットは、100着限定となっております。


The Long-Lost Subculture of Hong Kong

We had been longing for a collaboration like this: bringing Japanese craftsmanship and Hong Kong’s historic yet unique sub-culture together, creating timeless fashion items for our own place. And more importantly, for all the fashion lovers around the world to know us more, and love us more.

Cooperating with the renowned unit from Japan, HOSU CO., we created this double-faced souvenir jacket, featuring two long-lost historical places of Hong Kong, which are stunningly embroidered on each side of the jacket: the glamorous Haw Par Mansion and “the city of darkness” –Kowloon Walled City.

The quality of the jackets is proudly ensured by HOSU CO. and GrowthRing & Supply, while the quantity is preciously limited to 100 pieces on earth.

Let the Hong Kong spirit tag along wherever you hit.



The Roots of Souvenir Jackets

The origin of Souvenir Jackets, or Sukajan in Japanese, can be traced back to the time following the end of World War II. After the war was ended, American soldiers stationed in the Pacific Theater started getting traditional Japanese illustrations hand-stitched onto the backs of their jackets to commemorate their time in Japan. These jackets would often incorporate rayon and silk, and they were brought back to the United States as literal souvenirs and gifts for family members and close friends.